• vendor management inventory system

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

.Multi-purpose .Industry-tested .Stock Level Management .Inter-department Exchange

HyperSpace technological expertise will help you establish an interlinked chain of processes between supply and manufacture through an intuitive VMI. Our VMI uses cutting-edge practices to augment supply chain and operations management.

Put an end to pit stop in production by ensuring materials by supplier(s) arrive at your factory before start of the working day. Our VMI collects vital information from multiple suppliers and data points, organize it into value-driven data and suggests pre-emptive advice to kick inefficiencies to the curb without ever having to halt production at your assembly line.

Take your operation to the next level by overcoming challenges occurring from deficiency of inventory in just a few weeks of installation. Maintain an optimum stock-in-hand level at all times in your warehouse so that production is never hampered.

Simultaneously, handle your stock more effectively by reducing your inventory levels by 20 – 40% depending on the type of goods. By micro-managing your inventory, you will release blocked capital which can be utilized for research and development the quality of your product.

Normally, there a wide gaps in performance and security. By studying market economics, your company becomes increasingly flexible and can anticipate volumes and deliver on shorter time. We aim to increase the frequency of delivery and reduce transport costs.

We have reengineered VMI and established a communication link for information exchange through internet to interface between suppliers with manufacturer’s sales and inventory data. Once installed, this solution can help inventory accuracy and forecasting.