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We have completed re-imagined the working methodology of Workforce management. Instead of merely tracking resources that are deployed in-field, we can now automatically collate freelance truck drivers from across the country. By creating a pool of verified expert drivers, we help Manufacturers, dealers or OEM’s to transport their bare chassis truck driven by graded drivers.

Most manufacturers are pressed for time and face roadblocks while pin-pointing and tracking their chassis. It is major challenge to employ the driver with the right skill set to be able to deliver securely and on time. Due to the disorganized nature of consignment industry, adept drivers are hard to come. Even if they are easily available, it is impossible to verify their identity, birthplace and drivers’ history.

By deploying hyper space’s consignment mobile workforce management, an organization can hire the right driver at the right time. It is further integrated with third-party application support for confirm the delivery of chassis. Also, it supports modification such as a module for facilitating payments to the drivers. Option such as altering the payout depending on how many consignment criteria were met such as deadlines, deviations, damages etc can also be incorporated within the software.