Hyperspace introduces a wonder-tool for consignment business

Hyperspace has finally crafted the most-wanted solution for logistic and consignment industry. In an effort to streamline the disorganized sector, it has finally designed ‘Consignment workforce management’, which is a new medium to manage the chaos of the industries.

With the recently launched module, truck drivers who are scattered around the country are mobilized and brought together. Registration of the drivers is simple and can be completed in the blink of an eye. Just by filling name and contact number, a driver gets on record and is available for taking up a contract.

On the other side, the manufacturers can post their project on the wall. Every driver gets an alert and those who are at closer proximity of the manufacturer are easy to contact once they’ve confirmed their availability. It offers various options to set availability status, track consignments, nudge the driver, and have a pulse over the delivery time.